Mobility and Deployment

Mobility and Deployment 

At UQ, we firmly believe that our staff represents both our greatest resource and our largest investment. Your contributions are fundamental to everything we do across learning, discovery, and engagement. As we navigate the redeployment process together, we want you to know that your well-being and success are at the heart of our approach.

Embedded within UQ is a strong commitment to the values that drive us forward. We value the power of creativity, recognising its ability to spark innovation and uncover new pathways during times of transition. This commitment to creativity enables us to adapt, evolve, and explore fresh perspectives as we navigate the redeployment journey together.

We are fully committed to providing you with valuable resources, opportunities for growth, and the tools needed to succeed during this transition. By equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills, we strive to ensure your continued professional development and personal fulfillment.

We believe in open and transparent dialogue, providing you with accurate and timely information throughout the redeployment process. By fostering a culture of trust and transparency, we aim to empower you to make informed decisions and embrace new opportunities.

We recognise that change can be both challenging and rewarding. By embracing this change as an opportunity for growth and personal development, we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. With courage as our guiding force, we strive to support you in finding your next path and achieving your goals.

We value and celebrate the unique strengths, perspectives, and experiences that everyone brings to our community. By fostering an inclusive environment, we strive to create a sense of belonging where everyone feels valued, heard, and supported.

Throughout this page, you will find a comprehensive array of resources and tools available to help you navigate the redeployment process successfully. Additionally, we have provided contact information for key sources, should you require further support or information. At UQ HR, we are here to guide and assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel empowered and supported throughout the redeployment process.